Use your Terastation as Rsync Backup Target

After a successfull data recovery of my Buffalo Terastation PRO II, I've installed a new set of harddisks in it and want to use the Terastation as a backup target. Ideally I wanted to achieve this without hacking or rooting the Terastation, everything should be possible with the stock firmware. Many guides found on the internet only explain how to use the Terastation as a backup target with installing extra packages or extra scripts on the Terastation.

Buffalo Terastation Pro II Rackmount

Please read the rsync man page before running the commands below. This guide comes without any warranty, I am not responsible for any data loss.

Here's my approach:

  1. (May be optional) Update the firmware to 1.33 and reset to factory defaults. I hab to do this step, because with new disks nothing except the Emergency-Mode (EM) was available.

  2. Create a Volume which is enabled for Disk Backup and don't add a Remote Backup Password. (You can try to enable a password, but I had no luck)

    Terastation Web GUI: Edit Shared Folder
  3. Add the IP-Address of the computer, which should backup to the Terastation as a remote Terastation under Disk Backup > Add Terastation. In the screenshot I've already added to the list.

    Terastation Web GUI: Add Remote Terastation
  4. On the backup source use rsync to backup to the Terastation like this:

    rsync -av <source directory> rsync://<ip of Terastation>/<module>/<optional destination>

    <module> is constructed as array<number>_<share name>, so in my case it's array1_backup. Example of my rsync command:

    rsync -av /home/arne/documents rsync://

    If you are unsure what to use as <module> you can run the following command and will get list of all available destinations:

    rsync . rsync://<ip of terastation>/
  5. If you want to delete all files added via rsync and don't have enough permissions while connected via Samba, go to an empty directory on the backup source and issue the following command:

    rsync -av --delete . rsync://<ip of terastation>/<module>/

Everything described here is possible with the latest firmware from Buffalo and without any hacks. No SSH or Telnet access is required.