Twitterbridge is a python plugin for the X-Chat IRC client to allow posting status updates to twitter from within IRC.

It currently hijacks the action event (/me) and sends the message to twitter using the http API. The Action is also displayed on IRC as usual.

Download & Install

Get the script, save it to your X-Chat plugin folder as and edit the script to add your Twitter account details.

Scroll down to the bottom of the script and replace TWITTER-USERNAME and TWITTER-PASSWORD accordingly (they are 5 lines up from the bottom).

Now restart X-Chat and you should see:

XChat Twitter Bridge v0.1 loaded


Whenever you type:

/me some text

in X-Chat the script will send some text as an update to your twitter timeline.


Latest Version is: 0.2

The script works for me and is released for further testing by others.

Update 01.10.2007: added a HTTP-HOST Header, because twitter adjusted their API to require these.