Intel SR2300 Server Chassis Notes

The Intel SR2300 Server Chassis is already end of live, but I own one of those Servers and here are my notes on spare parts etc.

The SR2300 is the successor of the SR2200 and the predecessor of the SR2400.

The base number 2000 indicates that this is a 2U chassis which occupies 2x 1.75" vertical space in a 19" rack. Intel SR1x00 chassis are 1U chassis, which are only 1.75" inch thick.

The spare parts documented here are often hard to find and to differentiate from the same parts for earlier or later chassis therefor I document my results, but the information below comes without any warranty.

Front Bezel

If you do not have an LCD at the front of the chassis, then the front bezel ADRBEZBLACK will fit your SR2300 (and also the SR2400 & SR2500). The original SR2300 bezel with the name ASWBEZBLACK looks a bit different but is harder to get nowadays. The newer bezel from the SR2400 & SR2500 fits perfectly and has a few more vents to optimize airflow throughput. The original bezel has no vents on the right side (looking from the front).


The part number for this front bezel is C56069-002 and the key used to (un)lock the bezel has the number 506.

Rackmount Accessories

There are two options to mount this chassis in a 19" rack. Using fixed brackets or using slide rails.


If you want to use fixed brackets (which are usually much cheaper) there are two kinds from Intel, the so-called AXXBRACKETS and the FXXBRACKETS.

FXXBRACKETS will fit the SR2200 & SR2300 (and the SR1200 & SR1300)
AXXBRACKETS will fit the SR2400 & SR1400 (and maybe later models)

The Part-Number for the FXXBRACKETS is A58655-001 (maybe -002 will also work). This Kit is originally listed for the SR2200 chassis but fits perfectly on the SR2300.

To identify the correct brackets here is a hint: The FXXBRACKETS are using rectangular holes to attach to the chassis, while the AXXBRACKETS are using round holes to attach to the chassis. Here is a picture of a mounted FXXBRACKET part on a SR2300:


The brackets can be used to mount the chassis in a 4-post rack or in a 2-post rack, it's just a matter of changing the direction of the bracket.

Slide Rails

If you prefer to use slide rails, then the Intel Slide Rail Kit A52365-002 will fit the SR2300 chassis (and SR2200, SR1200 & SR1300), it's also called AXX1U2URAIL. Here is a picture of the kit's contents:


To be sure to get the right rails look for rectangular holes in the rails instead of round ones.

The Slide Rail Kit for the SR2400 / SR1400 chassis is called AXXHERAIL.

OEM Servers using the SR2300

SUN uses the SR2300 Platform for its entry level Server Sun Fire v65x.

Because I have no other page where it would make sense to document this, here are a few more mappings between Sun and Intel Servers:

Intel SR1200 - Sun LX50
Intel SR1300 - Sun v60x

Comparison of Intel SR2x00 chassis

With the exception of the SR2100 chassis, which uses a completely different design, the SR2200, SR2300, SR2400 and SR2500 are not that much different.

The SR2200 and SR2300 use the same front design with 2 columns of 3 disks each, while the SR2400 and SR2500 use 3 columns of 2 disks each. The older 2200/2300 have a seventh slot for either a harddisk or a CD-Rom/Floppy-Combo module. The Combo-Module is the same as in the SR1200 and SR1300 chassis (1U). The SR2400 and SR2500 use slimline optical and floppy drives above the harddisks.