iTunes improvement

I recently watched the videos about Aperture 1.5 on Apple's website and I noticed a feature, which would improve iTunes a lot. I would really like to have the same library management options in iTunes, that are available in Aperture 1.5.

In Aperture's first release the library management was really bad, but Apple learned from the users' feedback and improved Aperture. The point is, that I don't want iTunes to manage my music library, because my music is splitted over several volumes. That's possible, but moving files around on my volumes is a real pain in the ass, because there are only two solutions to inform iTunes of the changes:

The second aproach is much easier, if your are dealing with a high number of files, but there is one pitfall: you loose the metadata attached to your files (your rating, play counter, etc).

In Aperture 1.5 there is an option to relink a tree of files with only a single mouse-click (watch the video) - and that's exactly what I want for my iTunes library.